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Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help The First Tee of The Grand Strand.  We are pleased to be able to offer local individuals the opportunity to help build and instill character in our community’s youth.  You do not need a wealth of golf experience to deliver The First Tee Life Skills Curriculum to our participants.  We will offer coach training sessions to all volunteers and simplify the entire teaching process.  There are many different volunteer opportunities available for you to choose from to help your local community’s youth.   If you have any interest in working with the youth in Horry or Georgetown County The First Tee of The Grand Strand is the place for you. To begin the volunteer process, please complete our online application! by clicking the previous link or scroll to the bottom of the page.

After-School & Saturday Programming

The foundation of The First Tee of The Grand Strand is our After-School and Saturday program where we hold classes at various locations throughout Horry and Georgetown County.  These classes run for an 8 week period and students attend class once per week for an hour and a half.  The purpose of the program is not to deliver detailed golf instruction to the students.  We focus more on character education by delivering a curriculum we refer to as The First Tee Life Skills Curriculum.  The students learn life skills and golf together in an activity based setting that more important than anything else must be fun for them.

All of these classes are taught by mentoring adult volunteers we refer to as coaches.  Coaches will have their own classes and will deliver lesson plans given to them by the Program Director.  These lesson plans will include games and activities where they will be learning golf and life skills through an activity.  All of the coaches must complete a training course that will better explain the program in detail and give them tips to delivering life skills and golf skills seamlessly.

If you have an hour and a half to give in the afternoons and enjoy working with children, we would love to have you as a volunteer coach.  How well you play golf does not have anything to do with how well you can deliver the program.  If you enjoy having fun and want to help the kids in the community The First Tee after school program will be a perfect fit for you!!

Georgetown County – School Day Program

The First Tee of The Grand Strand is currently in the process of recruiting volunteers to help coach at both Tradition Golf Club, Wedgefield Plantation, & Cherry Hill Golf Club for our new and existing School Day Programs.  All of the fourth grade students at Kensington, McDonald, Plantersville and Maryville Elementary schools will be participating in The First Tee School Day Program at Wedgefield Plantation and all of the fourth grade students from CMCS, Waccamaw Elementary, & Waccamaw Intermediate will be attending the same program at the Tradition Golf Club and all of the fourth grade students at Andrews, Pleasant Hill, Sampit, and Brown’s Ferry will be attending the same program at Cherry Hill Golf Club.  These sessions are very fun for the kids and focus more on introducing them to the game of golf and teaching them character values.

The School Day Program is basically and extension of everything we do with all of our After School and Saturday participants.  For five weeks in the fall and four weeks in the spring one day per week with a Champions Challenge Tournament in May. all of the fourth graders from the selected schools will be attending these sessions. Each time the students come to a class the focus will be on one of our nine core values:  Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Courtesy, Confidence, Respect, Responsibility, Judgment, and Perseverance.

We take about five or ten minutes at the beginning of each class where a lead coach will discuss the core value of the day in open discussion with the students.  We then split the students up into three groups to go and participate in activity stations.  These stations are designed to give coaches the opportunity to discuss how the core value of the day is being used at each station.  The students stay at each activity station for twenty minutes before rotating to the next station.  Once the participants have taken part in all three of the stations we come back together and discuss how the core value was used at each station.  The students then get back on the bus and head back to school.

The teachers from the schools who had classes that participated in the program this fall have reported that the students are not only enjoying this program, but that the they bring the core values back with them to school.  The students are using the core value in the classroom and giving each other examples of how they may or may not be showing each other respect!!  Hearing stories like this gets everyone involved with the program very excited, as we are not only giving every 4th grade student in the school a chance to experience the game of golf at a green grass facility that they may of never had the chance to experience, but more importantly we are giving the students a foundation of character values that they are taking home with them and putting into action!!

This means that every student in the Georgetown County School system will at some point experience this program in action and be exposed to The First Tee Nine Core Values.  In addition to the nine core values being delivered to them in School Day Program classes every school in Georgetown County is using a core value for every month the Students are in school.

For this program to be successful we need volunteers from within the community to help us deliver the program.  Volunteer coaches help by setting up the activity stations, running the stations once students arrive, and most importantly serving as mentoring adults.  We need at least ten volunteer coaches for each class to make the biggest impact on the youth possible.

The thing we hear most from our volunteers is that they are nervous about delivering the program to the students the correct way.  If you are an adult that enjoys being around kids and wants to give back to the community this program is a perfect place for you to serve and help the community.  We will deliver a coaching training session to all of the volunteers prior to them having to deliver the program.  At this training we focus on how to seamlessly deliver the life skill of the day in a fun and entertaining way for all of the students involved.


Everything we do at The First Tee revolves around teaching our community’s youth life skills in a fun and entertaining way.  Our youth do not want to sit around a table to learn about things like respect, courtesy, and judgment.  These character values are something that is missing from the youth in our county as a whole.  If we can create a learning environment that is fun for the students, the amount of information that they will retain from the lessons delivered can be truly amazing.

Activity based learning is the approach taken with everything that we do at The First Tee.  This program is very fun and rewarding not only for the youth of the community, but the volunteers as well.  If we can impact, influence, and inspire the youth in our community by giving them a foundation of life skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives, will will be making our community an overall better place to live!!

To become a volunteer for The First Tee of The Grand Strand, please complete our online registration!

To find out more about volunteering for the program please contact:

Rich Abraham
Executive Director
The First Tee of The Grand Strand
P.O. Box 4806
Myrtle Beach, SC  29597
(843) 325-6787

Volunteer Application

    The After School Program runs in the Spring from March-May & in the Fall from September-November
    The School Day Program is on Tuesday's & Thursday's only in Georgetown County. The School Day Program will run in the Spring for 4 consecutive sessions (March-April) and in the Fall for 5 sessions (September-October).
  • Employment/Volunteer History

    List your 3 most recent Job or Volunteer positions you have held
  • Please provide a character reference
  • The First Tee of The Grand Strand is required by The First Tee national organization to run background checks on all Volunteer Coaches. As a volunteer coach, you are responsible for the supervision and safety of the kids in the program which is why we are required to take such precautions. Dean Mason from our Foundation will contact you in order to run the check.